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Battery Life

Billy Joel’s hit “Only the Good Die Young” was never meant to serve as a standard for mobile devices. Just like health industries might continue innovating to avoid such a disastrous event on one end, so too must battery technology continue to improve so that we aren’t left hanging. Nothing is as important as life itself.

Manufacturers and providers are becoming more aware that all the neat software features they market in each new generation of phone require batteries that can actually keep up. What’s the real scoop, though? Can our power-hungry needs actually be met? Are there particular models that really provide more battery for your buck?

In a recent study, Consumer Reports identified the 5 highest performing batteries in devices across the industry. The results might surprise you – no reason to rejoice here, iPhone users.


The performance of a battery does not lie solely in its overall charge capacity and length of battery life, either. Improving standards across the industry are seeing most cell phone batteries reaching capacities of 3,000mAh+. Another metric to consider is the charging time it takes to get your battery to that coveted position of a full charge.

Forbes recently published a cool info-graphic where we can visualize battery life and charging times associated with some of the most popular new models.


That’s all great information for folks currently in the market for a new device. For those who have already made their decision, they can stand by it for the next few years of their contract with less regret by managing their power consumption more appropriately.

Take a look at some steps you can take to stretch the battery life charge of your phone’s inferior battery:

  • Within your phone’s settings, set the screen brightness options within ‘Display & Brightness’ to ‘Auto.’ This will ensure that you are not needlessly wasting energy in a low-lit setting.
  • Set the screen to sleep after a smaller duration of inactivity.
  • Manage your push notifications for data-intensive applications
  • Reduce the frequency updates for email and other apps to a less frequent option. It is usually best to refresh an app’s data only when you actually open that application.

We’ve all heard the expression “death lurks around every corner.” How many more articles are you able to read; how many more Instagram photos will you be able to like; how much more blogging will you be able to do today? Will your battery make it through your Spotify work playlist and also be able to upload photos from your happy hour plans? Will you be able to hail your Über ride when it comes time? We hope so. The death of dead batteries can’t come soon enough.


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