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For most people, their cell phone is their primary, if not only means of communication. Paired with the fact that our cell phones are rapidly absorbing so many other essentials like our keys and wallets, a dead cell phone batter can be disastrous.

But what can you do besides investing in floor or wall charging stations, charging lockers or power tables?

Here are five culprits you didn’t know were draining the life force out of your battery. Conserve appropriately.


It’s no secret that apps siphon off a lot of your battery power. However, you may be surprised to learn that some apps run in the background, draining your battery even if they appear “closed” on your screen. According to AVG Technologies (AVG), an online security company, we in the US average about 30 apps on our smartphones. Of these, they found that messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp as well as mobile games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans run automatically as soon as you boot up your phone and go incessantly, checking for updates and attempting to retrieve your messages. You can also uninstall apps that you never use to further conserve.


When you’re driving or sharing photos to another device, Bluetooth and its many accessories are a godsend. However, if you don’t require it in the moment, turn it off to save big on your battery life. Generally you can do this by going to Settings > Bluetooth.


If you’re lost and trying to course correct, your location services can definitely save your hide. They’re also great for bragging to your friends on Facebook and Foursquare that you’re finally trying that hip new restaurant. However, if you want to spare your battery, visit Settings > Location, and switch it off.

Voice Services

Voice services like Siri quickly drain your battery since they’re always on alert ready to respond to your commands. If you want to turn off that feature, go to Settings > Voice. For Androids, you’ll want to turn off NFC.


You likely use wifi when you’re at home or a coffee shop, but otherwise it’s merely a battery drain. That’s because turning this feature on means constantly checking for available wifi networks. Use your data day-to-day or, if you’re really looking to conserve, you can switch to airplane mode entirely. Adjust under Settings > Wi-Fi or Settings > More > Airplane mode.

If conservation is your biggest motivator, use these simple yet effective tricks to spare yourself from dangerous battery drain.

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