Joe Mecca , Dec 29, 2016

Boost Smartphone Battery Life

Your cell phone has become the one tool that you rely on the most in life. Some people may think otherwise, however those people are either octogenarians, or Amish, and they certainly wouldn’t know a mobile device charging station even if they tripped over it. While a cell phone can’t cut through a tin-can (yet), your mobile device acts like a digital Swiss Army knife by providing a multitude of tools to keep you connected and more productive. Its usefulness makes it extremely difficult to put down, let alone live without.

Accidentally leaving your cell phone at home causes you separation anxiety. A dead device battery with no device charging kiosk at a concert sends you into a frenzy–all normal reactions. If you don’t have access to a charging station, here are a few tips to help you lengthen the life of your smartphone battery life.

smartphone battery life

Wind Down then Charge Up

Do you press the panic button every time your phone reaches 92% battery life? Well stop—you’re just fine. More importantly, so is your phone. Overcharging your battery can actually damage it long-term. A proper cell phone charging cycle includes waiting until your phone is in the red—at critical Defcon levels (less than 10%)—before finding a charging solution to give your phone a boost. Don’t plug your phone in before you go to sleep and leave it charging all night. Do take advantage of quick, snack charging opportunities throughout the day. This will improve smartphone battery life.

phone vibrate, uses battery power

Vibration is Bad 

You’re not alone. Many users keep their phones on vibrate for most of the day due to work or school. Unfortunately, you’re better off putting your device on silent (and missing a few calls) until you’re in a safe place to answer your phone. Allowing your phone to vibrate throughout the day rather than ring actually uses up more battery life than letting it ring. If you’re going to be in a no-phone-zone for more than a few minutes at a time, just flip the off-switch–just kidding. Turning our phones off only happens on airplanes and causes almost as much anxiety as accidentally leaving it at home. So if you don’t have access to a charging station in the student union or waiting area, change your phone settings to “silent” instead of “vibrate” and save yourself some battery power until the next charge.

smartphone battery life

Back off the Backlight

A high backlight can mean a low battery if you’re not vigilant. Turn down the backlight in your phone’s settings to ensure the lowest possible amount of battery consumption. Most phones have an auto-brightness control, which is useful, but also extremely resource intensive. You’ll want to disable that feature for longer life. Finally, you should lessen the amount of time it takes for your phone to go into sleep-mode when not in use. Remember, the less light on your screen, the more green on your battery indicator.

wifi on iphone

Easy on the Wifi and GPS

Is your Wi-Fi always on? Constantly searching for available Wi-Fi is a battery killer. When you aren’t actively using it, turn it off.

GPS on cell phone

Get Further with Less GPS

GPS is another invisible battery-basher. If you aren’t actively using maps or another geo-dependent app, it’s time to flip the off-switch. Turning off battery-wasting geo-location features in your apps will also ease the batter drain. If an app isn’t feeding you useful information about important places nearby, or helping get you from point “A” to “B,” stop feeding it precious power juice.

If you follow these tips, you should make it through the day with battery life to spare.

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