Casey Boswell , Sep 10, 2015

6 Technology Tools to Increase Student Success

For years cell phones in classrooms have been the bane of teacher’s existence. Yet today, technology in schools is ubiquitous with some 84% of high schools and 74% of middle schools opting for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs.

These revolutionary BYOD agendas offer a number of marked benefits such as increased tech savviness among students, personalized lesson plans that allow students to work a their own pace, improved project collaboration, and, on the instructor end, a better avenue for classroom management and a deeper understanding of each student’s performance through analytics.

But it isn’t just the hardware of smartphones, tablets, laptops and the like that make classroom instruction successful. Below is a sampling of 6 technology tools that can increase student achievement in the modern classroom.

1. Schoology

It’s estimated that more than half children under the age of 10 are using social media platforms on a regular basis. This figure increases as you move up the age ladder. It’s just part of the reason social sites like Schoology fit seamlessly into the curriculum. Here, teachers craft and organize lesson plans, engage with their students, share relevant content, and swap best practices by connecting with other educators.

2. Khan Academy

Teachers are used to creating classroom materials from scratch. However, at times everybody needs a little help supplementing their materials. That’s why educators and students alike turn to Khan Academy for its renowned collection of lectures and quizzes which span a multitude of subjects from science to finance.

3. Evernote

Evernote is a popular way for professionals, teachers and students to capture and catalog everything from ideas to articles to recordings. With no limit on the information you can store and manipulate, it’s a great way to easily access notes and lesson plans from anywhere. For helpful study methods, check out StudyBlue which allows you to create effective digital flashcard systems and more.

4. Google Education

Google seems to have a hand in every facet of our lives. Education is no exception. Edtech resources for teachers abound with features to cover just about everything. Some of the most popular include collaborative apps, lesson plan search functions, avenues for professional development, all the way up to educational grants. Google Drive is also a great way to store and share files like lesson plans that are accessible on any device with the cloud.

5. KwikBoost Charging Station

With the litany of devices used by students in the classroom, the standard few outlets allotted for most spaces can’t begin to keep up with the power demands. Instead of taxing your school’s portion of the electrical grid, Kwik Boost charging stations offer floor stands, collaborative power tables and more to help students and teachers stay powered throughout the school day.

6. Smart pen

Ever wish you could digitize and search your hand written notes? A smart pen like this LiveScribe options lets you do just that. As you write, it record your notes, puts them in a digital, searchable format, and even lets you record audio such as lectures that can be replayed when cramming for an exam.

In the end, with BYOD programs only growing in popularity, tech tools like the ones mentioned above are sure to revolutionize our education system. Where do you see ‘edtech’ heading in the next few years?

Category: K-12
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