Joe Mecca , May 6, 2013

Colleges these days are judged based on a plethora of factors. How far did their team go in the NCAA Tournament? What is their acceptance rate? How do they rank nationally for specific majors? While these are all important things to consider, one factor rapidly gaining the attention of college administrators around the country is the growing presence of technology on university campuses. From mobile charging kiosks to energy efficient edifices, lets take a look at some of the most technologically advanced colleges around the country.

Utah State University

For starters, at Utah State University, when going to class, you can leave your notepad and pen in your dorm room. While you might be thinking that doesn’t sound very studious, the “Big Blue” at Utah State have a unique “Smart Classroom” that uses Panopto lecture capture technology. USU has also collaborated with smart furniture companies Steelcase and Izzy+ to maximize intelligent classroom design. Learning environments at Utah State are no longer known as “classrooms,” but rather, “pods,” designed specifically to encourage a collaborative environment among students and professors.

Ohio State University

In addition to boasting one of the biggest athletic programs in the country, the Ohio State Buckeyes have also developed and continue to utilize some of the coolest mobile applications in the collegiate world. Apps include ways to keep track of Ohio State sports and statistics, not to mention the lyrics of the Ohio State fight song! Ohio State even has its very own School Spirit mobile app, which was developed by several students majoring in computer science.

Notre Dame University

While Notre Dame is mainly known for the film Rudy, gold helmets, and recent run to the BCS National Championship Game, they’re known in the tech industry for their innovative use of social media. While some colleges across the country frown on students using social media, Notre Dame encourages it. On their website, they provide videos, links and information for students on how to best use their various social media platforms. Also included on the website are best practices for social media, what to do, and what not to do. Image is everything, and Notre Dame students will be well versed in social by the time their four years are up in South Bend.

Wake Forest University

Having computers on a college campus isn’t anything new. Having an average of 1.08 computers on campus per 1 student is. With one of the highest computer-to-student ratio’s in the country, Wake Forest makes sure that their students are always connected. Complementing their army of computers, Wake Forest has a “Campus Life” app, which allows students, faculty, and parents on the extensive Wake Forest wifi network to stay informed on up-to-the-minute happenings around campus.

It is important for colleges across the country to incorporate the latest and greatest technologies for its students. The more college campuses are willing to incorporate new technology such as mobile charging stations, cloud compatible technology, and campus sharing applications, the happier students and the higher campus quality scores will be!


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