Apple MFi Certification – You may be wondering what MFi Certification is and why it’s so important.


Here is a brief Q&A that explains a little bit about the Apple MFi certification program.


What is MFi Certification?

MFi certification is crucial for charging/power products and accessories that are designed for commercial use. Ensuring that a product/accessory meets the Apple performance standards means that any iDevice that uses these products will be charged the right way. This is important because there are different specifications for all the difference types of Apple devices and MFi-certified products have been tested and authorized to work with all them and in the right way.

Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad means that an electronic accessory has been designed specifically to connect to iPod’s, iPhone’s and iPad’s and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

Only MFi-licensed vendors can use the ‘Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad’ logo on their packaging, and they are the only ones who get access to Apple’s internal documentation for interfaces and connectivity. In order to become MFi-licensed as a company you have to go through a due diligence process that includes an application, credit review and requires signing an agreement with Apple that provides you with a contract number and account number. (For reference, KwikBoost’s contract number is MFi-15-02608).

What Types of Apple MFi Certifications or Licenses are There?

There are 2 types of Apple MFi Licenses: a Development License and a Manufacturing License. Companies that plan to develop/help develop, but not manufacture, MFi accessories are eligible for the MFi Development License. Companies that plan to manufacture MFi accessories AND own a manufacturing facility are eligible for the MFi Manufacturing License. KwikBoost has the Apple MFi manufacturing license, meaning we own a manufacturing facility and do product assembly in-house. The following table breaks down the features of each license:

Apple MFi Certifiction


Why is Apple MFi Certification so Important?

Manufacturers like KwikBoost pay a royalty for use of officially made iPod, iPhone, iPad Connector components, which in most increases the price of authorized accessories over their unauthorized competitors, but guarantees via a certification from Apple that their products are iPod, iPhone, iPad-safe.

We get access to the proprietary Apple authorized hardware connectors and components that are required to manufacture iPod, iPhone,  and iPad products and accessories. We also get access to the MFi protocol specification, the communication protocol used to interact with iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Again, complying with these performance standards is extremely important for products and accessories designed for commercial use.

Likewise, when we design a product and get it Apple MFi certified we receive a Product Plan ID (PPID) that includes our Apple MFi Manufacturing License account number and a 4-digit number string, ensuring that there is an active product plan on file with Apple that is directly linked to our company. For reference the product plan for our Apple MFi certified cables is 211621-0055. We also have Apple MFi certified charging technology and the PPID for that is 211621-0001.


How Does Working With an Apple MFi Certification Company Benefit You?

Many companies out there will claim to have MFi-certified products and accessories and most make these claims out of ignorance or simply because they assume customers aren’t educated enough to know the difference or what questions to ask.

The value in working with an MFi-licensed company like KwikBoost, is that not only can we back up our claims, but we went through the process to become licensed so that we can provide our customers with superior products that meet Apple performance standards and have been authorized for commercial use. Our products charge/power millions of people’s devices and our customers trust that the products they purchase from us and then offer to their students, visitors, staff, patients, patrons and guests will not harm their devices or cause any issues that they might be held accountable for.

Remember, Apple devices make up over 43% of the mobile devices people carry in the United States.

Kwik Tip: Don’t be fooled by someone claiming to be MFi certified or even using the MFi logo. Make them prove it! Ask for their MFi contract number and product plan ID’s for the products they claim are MFi certified.



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We are very pleased!

The units look great and work perfectly!

We put the KwikBoost chargers out and the feedback has been very positive. The timing was great, as orientation is going on and we had a large number of people on campus. We are very pleased.

Emily M., Texas Woman's University

Students love them!

The students love them and they are beautiful.

Judy A., Penn State

The charging stations are always in high demand during events.

My customer service experiences have been very positive.

I love working with KwikBoost! The charging stations are always in high demand during events. My customer service experiences have been very positive. I have always gotten a quick response and a friendly person to work with.

- Bill R., American Airlines Center

Children's Hospital Added Mobile Device Charging Stations to Provide a Better Customer Experience

The KwikBoost cell phone charging station is working great for our visitors

The KwikBoost station is working great for our visitors. Many of them are here long hours waiting and the charging stations keeps them in power for communication.

Theresa Gibson, MBA, MSN, RNC-OB Director, Women’s & Newborn Services

Great addition to our building

We installed the KwikBoost charging stations and students were using them the same day!

Great addition to our building. They look great, the KwikBoost graphic team did a great job with the layout.

Laura D., Tufts University

We are really pleased with the KwikBoost stands.

They are really getting a lot of use!

We are really pleased with the KwikBoost stands. They are really getting a lot of use now that students are back for the fall semester.

Shane C., Arkansas State University

Great company and great customer service.

Which aligns with our ICARE values.

Great company and great customer service, which aligns with our ICARE values.

Vivian R., Texas Health Resources

One of the best operational investments we have had in our new building to date.

The addition of the Kwikboost charging stations has been a definite plus for our building.

Students are no longer sitting on floors with power cords running amok and causing trip hazards. One of the best operational investments we have had in our new building to date.

John O., Cal State Los Angeles

The charging station locker looks fantastic!

Students and staff have been using it daily to charge their phones

The charging station locker looks fantastic! Students and staff have been using it daily to charge their phones, etc. We may be the envy of the college now. Thank you and your team for delivering it early and following up with the power cable issue so quickly. It fits in quite nicely. Thank you again for making our Student Learning Center even more student-friendly.

Rebecca Peter Administrative Assistant II Student Learning Center

Look for the “Get Charged” Signs!

Wouldn’t it be great if the library had a station where you could plug your phone or tablet directly into a charger?

Mobile devices have become very important tools for students these days, and being able to charge them in the library is crucial. Since students won’t have to leave to charge their devices, they can focus on getting their work done, making them more productive.

Katherine McKenzie - Earl Gregg Swem Library

KwikBoost Products Are:


All KwikBoost products feature at least 8 charging ports that deliver up to 2.4A per port, meaning our products can charge up to 8 tablets simultaneously at full speed.


KwikBoost products feature intelligent, efficient charging technology with automatic authentication of nearly all mobile devices (99%), which eliminates overcharging. Our technology also has input surge protection, input reverse voltage protection and power line (lightning).


KwikBoost products include all of the essential certifications and then some. FCC, CE, RoHS, MFi (contract # MFi-14-00074), ESD-IEC 61000-4-2 and PL-IEC 6100-4-5. MFi is especially important for charging Apple devices. Both our cables and our charging technology itself is MFi certified.


All KwikBoost products come standard with a one year warranty and service plan. We do this so that you don’t even have to think about coverage for a year, you can start using the products and offering the service and know we’ve got your back. No gimmicks, just great support.