Kwikboost , Jan 4, 2017

Mobile Device Charging Stations are a Perfect Amenity to any Waiting Room

The waiting room in hospitals, medical clinics, isn’t just for waiting anymore. Today, when you walk into a waiting room and the majority of patients are hyper focused in the screen in front of them. The screen of choice? Their mobile device.

During the waiting room wait people call loved ones to provide updates, go online to use their favorite apps, or to look up health information. In a doctor’s office the average wait time is 20 minutes and in an ER room the average wait time can be upwards of 3 hours or more. So obviously the screen of choice is their mobile device. This is one of the precious times when you need your phone to keep family members updated or to look up information about symptoms, conditions, or treatments. But how can you do that if you’re stuck waiting for so long with a finite cell phone battery life?

Cell phone charging solutions to the rescue. KwikBoost offers the perfect solution. We provide charging stations that allow multiple mobile devices to charge at once. We believe it’s time for doctor’s offices, hospitals, and emergency rooms to start adopting mobile device charging stations to make the waiting room less stressful and a little more convenient for those that are waiting.

Below is a great read and a white paper from CDMiConnect titled “In-Office Mobile Device Use.”  CDMiConnect surveyed 3,000 patients and found the data very telling about how digital behavior is driving healthcare decisions. They also followed up with 25 in-depth interviews that probed around the most compelling data and uncovered deep, emotional insights. After they compiled and distilled the findings, some key trends rose to the top and became the pillars of a series of insightful reports. To learn more about CDMiConnect click here. After reading the report we are confident that you’ll see why KwikBoost charging solutions are a perfect amenity to any waiting room.

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