Luke Deitz , May 8, 2018

Even at the best hospitals, the fact remains: people want to be discharged as soon as possible and recover at home. Understanding this, many hospitals are now looking for ways to make patients feel more like guests, drawing inspiration from five-star hotels. Through this approach, hospitals are now seeing how relatively small adjustments can have a dramatic impact on patient experience.

One simple change we’ve observed is the soundproofing of rooms so that outside noise such as intercom messages and hallway chatter is reduced. Another way hospitals are improving their facilities: replacing the itchy gowns and stiff sheets of the past with softer clothing and bedding.

Beyond this, hospitals are now improving their patient rooms with room service and becoming more tech-savvy, offering free WiFi, streaming, access to e-books, and charging stations to power the mobile devices of patients and their guests.

For patients and guests, their phones are the sole means of communication and connection with the outside world. If a patient’s phone is on low battery and they need to call a family member, does your hospital give them a way to charge their phone?

As a trusted partner of hospitals across North America, KwikBoost has powered millions of mobile devices in medical facilities across North America. The Mini Charging Hub, KwikBoost’s latest addition to the product line, is now being used to bring charging into private patient rooms.

With patient comfort set as a number one priority, the Mini Charging Hub allows for fast and reliable charging and shows your guests that their comfort is at the top of mind for you – next to treating them, of course. How do your patients feel during their stay? If there’s any room for improvement, there’s plenty of time for you to explore the possibilities to improve their experience.

You can learn more about improving patient satisfaction scores in our whitepaper here.

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