Maria Chaconas , Jul 25, 2019

Whether you’re a store manager, flagship location manager, or a regional manager, increasing sales is always a goal. And, it’s likely your ticket to further advancement up the career ladder. At the end of the day, if you want to get promoted, your ability for hitting those high-revenue targets will be evaluated by the higher-ups.

The best commercial cell phone charging stations can help your store hit its sales goals, though the ways in which it can do this are not so obvious. No matter your management level within retail chains, here’s how commercial cell phone stations play vital roles to improving sales.

Buyer Behavior and Cell Phones

The first step in understanding how commercial cell phone charging stations help retail chains hit their sales goals is understanding how cell phone and mobile devices impact buyer behavior.

People live by their phones. If the battery starts to get low, people often panic, can’t think clearly, and will run to find the nearest charging station whether it’s in their car, at home, or at a kiosk in a public space. You can’t expect someone to comfortably shop at your store if their mind is focused on the fact their phone only has 5% power left.

People also use phones and other mobile devices to help them make purchasing decisions. According to Search Engine Land, more than 70% of retail shoppers in brick and mortar stores use a mobile device to research a product before making a purchase. Shoppers are looking for product reviews, checking to see what other users say about the items on social media, or shopping for better online prices. When you have a cell phone charging station for all mobile devices, your customers will spend more time in your store with worry-free awareness and have the confidence to buy.

Cell Phone Charging Stations Increase Foot Traffic

Any store manager knows that more foot traffic equals more opportunities for sales and customer engagement, which in turn leads to higher revenues. Your ability to get more people to enter your store will naturally lead to more purchases. When you’re looking for ways to increase foot traffic and sales, you have to go out of your way before shoppers will go out of theirs. That means you need to create in-store experiences that differentiate you from other retailers. Having a cell phone charging station will serve as an oasis to phones thirsting for power and make your store stand out from the rest.

The Right Kind of Cell Phone Charging Station Increases More Sales

If you have decided that investing in a commercial cell phone charging station is a smart move that will help you delight customers and improve sales, your next step will be to determine the right kind of charging station. Is your square footage small enough and open that people can clearly see their phones from any location in the store, or do you have a massive retail space? If people need to be away from their phones to shop, opt for cell phone charging lockers so that people can keep their mobile devices secure.

Marketing Opportunities

Be sure to ask your commercial cell phone charging station provider if they have the ability to do custom marketing and advertising with interactive technology. Your customers can take valuable surveys that give a ton of marketing data, or they can answer fun questionnaires to see in-store promotions as they wait for their phones to charge. The data from your shoppers can be used to help improve the in-store experience, analyze consumer brand perceptions, survey demand for new products, and more.

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