James Valera , Jun 26, 2019

Not all sports fans are alike: Dodgers fans loathe the fans from San Francisco, and Green Bay Packers fans wouldn’t lose too much sleep if a bus of Vikings fans broke down on their way to a game. But one thing they all have in common is that they live on their cell phones, especially at professional sports events. From taking photos of Rich Hill hurling a deadly curveball, to watching Aaron Rodgers throw a game-winning Hail Mary pass, fans rely on a fully charged phone to capture the best moments of each game they attend so they can tweet, Instagram, text and share the taste of victory with their friends and family.

Sports fans also need their phones, in some cases, to order food and other concessions. More stadiums are using mobile app technology to improve the fan experience so people don’t have to miss any of the action just so they can go order a Fenway Frank and a beer. Being able to order food from your seat is available in many stadiums, and it’s a technology that will likely be common in all stadiums in the near future.  

There are also sports fans who need their phones fully charged to listen to the announcers call live plays. If you grew up listening to Vin Scully call Dodgers games, you know how special it can be to have that capability.  

As operation professionals for pro and collegiate sports stadiums, your goal is to create an on-demand experience your fans can’t get at home. Stadium goers expect an experience that exceeds their expectations. And it should outweigh the convenience of their couch and 70-inch 4K Smart TV. 

Placing commercial cell phone charging stations in sports stadiums can improve the fan experience and help generate additional revenue for the stadium by keep attendees’ phones charged up and ready for use. 

Multi-Purpose Cell Phone Charging Stations 

Dodger Stadium has a multi-device cell phone charging station placed in multiple areas near concessions, and within view of the field of playThis adds to the fan experience because it allows multiple users to charge their phones with the same tabletop used to enjoy their food and beverage. The premium location of the charging stations still allows for direct view of the playing field. Adding custom branding to the stations not only leaves a lasting impression but is a great advertising vehicle that delivers branded messages to fans like season ticket specials and new must-have new merchandise available in the fan shop. 

Custom Cell Phone Charging Lockers with Advertising Technology 

Cell phone charging lockers for stadiums are ideal for people who are fine with having their phones away from their person for an hour. Most stadiums open their doors an hour before the official game start time, giving fans ample time to secure their phone in a locker and get it charged up. This gets phones fully juiced by the time the puck drops at the Staples Center at a Kings game, or before tip-off at a Celtics game. Cell phone charging lockers come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to fit specific spaces. 

Now imagine taking this up a notch. The best companies that design custom charging lockers for stadiums can integrate technology that advertises upcoming games to fans and gives them the option and an incentive (with a clever CTA) to buy tickets to ensure the best seats. Many ticket sales are impulse buys, so if you plan on investing in a cell phone charging locker for your stadium, ask the manufacturer about customization options with sales and marketing technology. 

Cell Phone Charging Stations for Sponsorships 

Cell phone charging stations can also be a great way to drive immediate revenue. By adding charging stations to your stadium’s list of sponsorship options, you offer brands the opportunity to get up, close, and personal with stadium goersGo the extra mile and surprise and delight your VIP fans with custom branded cell phone charging stations in every suite. Several of your corporate sponsors would probably jump at the chance to get their branding exclusively in front of as many high-valued guests possible. Let them pick up the bill and add cell phone charging stations for you. 

Call a Multi-Device Cell Phone Charging Station Company Today to Find the Best Stadium Solutions 

Are you looking for cell phone charging stations that are custom branded for your team and market great deals on in-game purchases and future ticket sales to fans using mobile devicesThe possibilities are endless. KwikBoost is an industry leader in providing custom cell phone charging solutions for sports stadiums across the country. Give us a call today, and let’s explore some goal-driven solutions. 

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