We power devices people experiences

KwikBoost charging stations are the most trusted and widely used in the market today and we are experts at helping our clients seamlessly integrate charging solutions in any environment.

Industries We Serve

Higher Education

Students expect to be able to use their devices during every learning experience, making power essential. Students on campus using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to study has climbed to an unprecedented 81%. KwikBoost mobile device charging stations can be found powering students’ devices on over 2,500 campuses nationwide.

Download our whitepaper, 4 Ways to Increase Student Engagement and Retention, to learn how colleges and universities are engaging with students in a mobile world.



Improving the experience in your facility means alleviating stress in times of crisis. By placing charging stations in high traffic areas and waiting rooms, doctors, medical staff, and families can stay charged and connected when every second counts. Join the thousands healthcare facilities in choosing KwikBoost as your partner to improve patient experience and patient satisfaction scores.

To learn how some of those facilities are improving satisfaction scores, download our whitepaper, 6 Little Known Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores.


K-12 Education

The digital learning landscape is ever-evolving.  However, the need to provide power to the devices that enable digital learning is here to stay. School districts are deploying devices to support digital learning strategies at almost every level.  KwikBoost partners with districts across the country to keep devices charged and ready for students and teachers.

State & Local Governments

Libraries are transforming to meet the needs of the digital learner, the Department of Veterans Affairs is adapting to tech-savvy heroes, and government offices are preparing for restless patrons carrying mobile devices. These are the connected citizens governments serve. Charging stations keep your guests happy and connected.

Download our whitepaper, The Importance of Libraries in the Digital Age, to learn how libraries and their staff are adapting to digital learners.



Convenient and accessible power is no longer an amenity but a necessity. That means charging stations are perfect for any industry and any environment. Thousands of university campuses, hospitals, government buildings, retail establishments, entertainment venues, sports arenas, and more trust KwikBoost charging stations. Connect with us today to learn how to best integrate a charging solution in your facility.