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As consumers start to drive their healthcare experience, providers must continue to look for new ways to improve patient experience and differentiate themselves in a competitive industry. With waiting room and hospital stays lengthening, keeping your patients’ devices charged is more than a polite convenience. It’s an expectation.

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Whether it’s accessing PHRs, looking up information on their doctor, and researching their condition or surfing the internet, updating social media, playing games, and watching videos, patients are using their mobile devices while waiting for care.  

Patients are customers who can and will take their care to any other healthcare system that offers a better experience. That’s why hospital systems across the country are looking for new ways to improve patient experience and satisfaction. We sat down with Francisco X. Gonzalez, Concierge Manager at Texas Health Resources, to learn about how cell phone charging stations improve patient experience and satisfaction. 

“Our charging stations are used 24/7. We will definitely be ordering more stations in the future from KwikBoost. Keep up the wonderful work!”

- Virtua

“The KwikBoost station is working great for our visitors. Many of them are here long hours waiting, and the charging stations keep them in power for communications.”

- Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center

“I went down to Asheville, NC with my family to welcome my sister’s firstborn into the world. I spent much of the 36 hours of painful labor & complications in the waiting room posted by this convenient KwikBoost station. It was my saving grace for work & entertainment. I am happy to report mother and baby are well!”

- Mission Health System Visitor

“Great company and great customer service, which aligns with our ICARE values.”

- Texas Health Resources

“We purchased several charging stations, and they are very popular. I loved the ease of having KwikBoost create the custom graphics. I hardly had to lift a finger except to sign the purchase requisition. I feel very proud to offer this service in our hospitals.”


“KwikBoost has provided major stress relief and has been a customer satisfier for our patients and families! In emergency situations, people often forget their chargers but need to be able to keep their loved ones informed. In the past, our patients and families had to leave the hospital to find or purchase a charging device to power their phones. With KwikBoost charging stations installed it alleviates this stressful situation, and it is a huge relief knowing they can charge their phone in a waiting room and keep everyone informed.”

- University of Wisconsin Health

“We have been totally satisfied with our KwikBoost charging stations. We currently have 6 and have just ordered another!”

- Baylor Scott & White Medical Center

“I hope to have final approvals no later than Monday and if you have them out as soon as you are able our leadership team will be very grateful. This is a huge visitor/patient satisfier.”

- Christus Siphon Health

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