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Kent Mire, University Unions
Assistant Director, talks about KwikBoost
charging stations power students and staff.

Students using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to study has climbed to an unprecedented 93%.

From research, to accessing digital textbooks, to emailing faculty and staff, students expect to be able to use their devices during every learning experience. Studies show that students who consistently used apps for organization and learning earned grades 7% higher than those who did not. Universities are now embracing mobile as powerful teaching tools. KwikBoost mobile device charging stations can be found powering students’ devices on over 2,500 campuses nationwide.

Discover 4 Ways to Increase Student Engagement and Retention
Discover 4 Ways to Increase Student Engagement and Retention

“The units look great and work perfectly! We put the KwikBoost chargers out, and the feedback has been very positive. The timing was great, as orientation is going on and we had a large number of people on campus. We are very pleased.”

- Texas Woman's University

“The students love them and they are beautiful!”

- Penn State

“Great addition to our building. They look great, and the KwikBoost graphic team did a great job with the layout. We installed the KwikBoost charging stations and the students were using them the same day!”

- Tufts University

“We are very excited to offer this service to our students! We think KwikBoost has an impressive product that will work well across our campus.”

- Oklahoma State University

“We just recently installed cell phone chargers from KwikBoost and they are working great. I like the smaller size, the ability to customize the billboard, and the price. It was a ‘kwik’ way to get this service to students.

- Indiana State University

“Just wanted to let you know that the charging stations have arrived and they look really nice! We showed them to our student employees, and all of them are really excited. They will be popular with our customers as well.”

- University of Minnesota

“The KwikBoost charging stations have been a smashing success on our campus and have been hailed by students and faculty alike as a really good idea. Keep up the good work!”

- California State University Fullerton

“We are really pleased with the KwikBoost stands. They are really getting a lot of use now that students are back for the fall semester.”

- Arkansas State University

Increase student engagement
and retention

Enhance the role of technology
in higher education

Enable digital learning environments
and opportunities throughout your campus