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The digital revolution in K-12 is leveling the educational playing field. From established digital learning programs like 1:1 and BYOD to new project-based learning initiatives, approaches to education are rapidly moving to digital. With digital content and curricula becoming the norm in schools, keeping students’ and teachers’ devices powered up is more than a polite convenience. It’s an expectation.

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Laptop, Tablet, Chromebook, and Cell Phone Charging Stations for Classrooms and Schools

Body: Districtwide digital learning initiatives have increased EdTech spending year-over-year. Almost all educators agree that digital learning has a positive impact on student success (95%) and teaching effectiveness (92%). 

With laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones now being an integral part of class lessons, educators are investing in charging stations to keep students’ devices charged during class and throughout the school day.  

“Our students and teachers race into the library during passing periods to use the KwikBoost charging stations. It was worth every penny and is constantly used.”

- Carroll High School

“I personally wish to extend my thanks to you and your company for the clear and precise information, the quick development of the graphics, and this extremely positive sales experience. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company! Thank you again for your assistance in this matter.”

- Southern Valley Schools

We purchased 5 tables from Kwikboost for our school. They did a great job customizing the tables and putting our logo on the top. They are a great, professional looking product. The customer service is superior! As students have damaged wires etc (hey, it’s a school, these things happen!) they have done a great job sending us replacement parts. I could not be happier with them!!

Port Washington School District

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