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More than 69% of the population in North America own smartphones.

Our devices have changed how we listen to music, chat with friends, read the news, pay our bills, and more. Libraries are transforming to meet the needs of the digital learner, the Department of Veterans Affairs is adapting to tech-savvy heroes, and government offices are reaching citizens through online services and apps. Today’s connected citizens expect mobile services like these, so keeping their devices powered in your facility is a necessity.

Learn how libraries and their staff are adapting to digital learners
Learn how libraries and their staff are adapting to digital learners

“I just wanted to let you know that we’ve received the charging stations. They look fantastic. You guys did an amazing job on them. Thank you for everything!”

- West Haven Public Library

“Thank you kindly for your call last week to check in on us. Our two M8 charging stations are working out very nicely and meeting our needs perfectly. We haven’t had any problems, and we’ve continued to see people using them to charge their devices. We’re very happy with our purchase, and it’s really filled a need our patrons had.”

- Vermillion Public Library

“I installed the machines on the floor. They are a very welcome addition to the library. I’m surprised by the response. The graphics are really eye-catching. We are gearing up for our annual summer reading program and I’m sure the public will come in to use them. Thanks again. This has been a great experience.”

- Royal Oak Public Library
- Lonesome Pine Regional Library

“The charger is a big hit, again, thank you for all your help and support.”

- Nesmith Library
- Omaha Public Library
- Community library of the Shanango Valley
- Skokie Public Library
- Waterford Township Public Library
- Westfield Washington Public Library

Keep citizens connected
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Create and enable digital learning
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