Joe Mecca , Oct 9, 2017

Every time Apple has an iOS update, complaints arise. And although there seem to be more complaints this round, the iOS 11 battery drain is the loudest.

KwikBoost has seven tips on how to rescue your iPhone from the dreaded iOS 11 battery drain.

1. Don’t close your apps

This tip goes against everything we have been taught to believe. We all grew up hearing parents tell us to turn off the light when we left a room and close the doors to save on power bills. However, when it comes to iPhones, the opposite is true. In reality, closing out apps increases the number of processes your phone has to generate. These processes require power and drain your battery faster than had you left the apps open in rest mode in the background.

2. Consider turning on the “Low Power Mode”

iOS 9 introduced the Low Power Mode. This feature temporarily turns off Siri, mail fetch, background refreshes, auto downloads, and some other visual effects. This feature allows you to save battery power until you can reach a charging station to fully recharge your iPhone. Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode

3. Kill Siri

That sounds more violent than it is. You aren’t actually killing Siri. You’re more silencing her. Seriously, how often are you really using her? Go to Settings > General > Siri.

4. Turn off AirDrop

Again, you’re not using it all the time. Turn it on when needed. Keep it off the rest of the time.

5. Wi-Fi is your friend

Believe it or not, using Wi-Fi uses less battery than using cellular data. If possible, use Wi-Fi at work or home. If not using Wi-Fi, toggle it off. Searching for Wi-Fi is another battery drainer.

6. Put to sleep the Raise to Wake

iOS 10 introduced Raise to Wake. It’s convenient, but not always necessary. It’s one more process you aren’t needing every time you pick up your phone. To disable, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and toggle Raise to Wake off.

7. Brightness

Your screen is typically your biggest battery drainer. If you can, lower the brightness to the lowest setting that is still readable for you. Settings > Wallpaper & Brightness and turn off the Auto-Brightness. This will require you to set it manually and tweak it as needed, but it is worth the battery savings.


If these tips don’t work, our last suggestion is to check if you have apps that are killing your battery. Settings >Battery  If you have an app you don’t need that is eating up your battery, consider deleting it completely. If you can’t delete it, this is the one time it may be worth closing out an app.

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