Joe Mecca , Jun 7, 2019

When most people think of K-12 students with constant access to their cell phones they envision students slacking off in class by scrolling through social media, texting their friends, and playing games. But the reality is this: the scenario represents a small majority of any student body, and if those students didn’t have their cell phones, they would find other distractions. After all, class goofs, mindless daydreaming during math class, and causing class disruptions are behavioral types that have existed long before mobile phones even existed. Simply put, if kids didn’t have cell phones in school to use as a distraction, they would find other methods of distractions.

However, the value and benefits that cell phones add to the students’ experience have no substitutes. In fact, cell phones in schools do far more good than harm as they prepare students for the real world, help them learn how to be responsible, are engaging learning tools, and help promote safety.

This article is intended to help school administrators and principals learn why cell phones in schools are a good thing. You’ll learn why schools should invest in a commercial cell phone charging station and charging lockers for school campuses and why they should be installed across campus.

Cell Phones Prepare Students for Future Careers

Any working professional likely uses tools like Google calendar to schedule meetings, Slack for internal communication with colleagues and clients, and platforms like Asana for task management. We’re only moving deeper into a growing digital age, and students need to be prepared to manage a digital life alongside the non-digital if they want to stick to deadlines, form strong professional relationships, and stay organized.

Today’s students are savvy and can use digital calendars, like Google calendar, for keeping track of homework due-dates, study times, and extracurricular activities. By having a multi-device charging station in the quad, cafeteria, library, and in every building, students can keep their cell phones and tablets charged so they can manage their student lives while preparing for their working adult lives.

Cell Phones Teach Responsibility

There is a time and a place to browse Instagram, play Candy Crush, and take selfies. Just as a working professional would never do these things in the middle of a board meeting, so too should a student never do this in class. There’s a time and a place to set your phone on silent mode and ignore it (unless there’s an emergency call from family). And by allowing students the freedom to keep their phones in school, they’re learning a big lesson in being more responsible that will serve them well.

Cell Phones are Tools for Emergencies

There are a number of emergency levels that constitute different threats. Whether a student left their essay at home and they need to call a parent to bring it in or if there is an intruder on campus posing a threat to the safety of all students, having a powered cell phone can help prevent a disaster from getting worse.

While we don’t want to expect tragedies to happen, it’s important for schools to have appropriate measures in place in the event that this happens. That includes allowing them to access their cell phones during school hours. And, cell phone charging stations and charging lockers at schools can help keep campuses safe and help alert emergency services in times of need.

Contact a Commercial Cell Phone Charging Company for Schools Today!

By providing cell phone charging stations and charging lockers throughout your school, you will be improving campus safety and empowering your students to be successful. Call a company that designs cell phone charging kiosks for schools today, and learn about the various types and options available that can enrich your school.

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