KwikBoost is powering devices, people, and experiences. KwikBoost powers you.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Custom charging stations can be designed and built for any environment and need. We have 75k square feet of production space in Dallas, TX where we design and make everything. We have metal working, wood fabrication, modeling, laser printing, 3D printing, CNC routing, and more. 

Custom is our Middle Name.

When you need a charging station as unique as you, KwikBoost has your back. 

KwikBoost is everywhere you are. You can find our custom charging stations in NFL stadiums, NASCAR Speedways, schools, universities, libraries, restaurants, hospitals, doctor's offices, military bases, national museums, and even social networking companies.

KwikBoost Custom Designs


A low phone battery is no longer a reason to leave the library! We're testing a @KwikBoost charging station.  


On campus and your phone is dead? Get charged at one of our many "Kwikboost" locations!


We invested in these chargers in all of our renovated suites and clubs.  The @KwikBoost product is solid.  #SportsBiz


Check out the new courtesy charging station at The Matchbox from @kwikboost. It'll be your phone's favorite energy drink. #Swarthmore


"The truth of the matter is that healthcare providers and insurers need to “get with the times” because mobile devices truly have the potential to improve patient care and health outcomes" @KwikBoost #KIN611


What Our Customers Are Saying


Thank you #newtownhs PTSA for the new charging station. This is awesome! Students love it  @KwikBoost 

Why provide charging?

More than ever, computer, tablet, and cell phone charging stations are in more demand. 

There are 5 BILLION mobile phone users that have access to almost everything they need and love in the palm of their hands. Mobile devices are reshaping how we live, communicate, and connect.

KwikBoost mobile charging solutions include custom artwork to power your brand every time a mobile device is charging. Start charging your brand today with your customized mobile charging station.

Our Infinity Warranty is simple. The technology is covered for the entire lifetime of the product - or infinity.

That means if the circuit board or power supply goes out, you'll receive new parts.

Infinity Warranty

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Our team is in the office 12 hours daily, Monday-Friday and can be contacted via our online chat 24/7.

 Need new cables? You got it. Apple MFi Certified with both our technology and cables, offering the fastest, safest charge available.

Service Plan

KwikBoost products include custom artwork to power your brand every time a mobile device is charging. 

Your custom graphics are printed in-house with our complimentary design services.

Custom Graphics

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