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Mobile Device Charging Stations in Retail

Smartphones are transforming the in-store shopping experience. 8 in 10 smartphone shoppers use cell phones in-store to help with shopping. And as has generally been the case in the mobile realm, consumers are ahead of retailers in adopting and using mobile technologies. Today, 75% of store shoppers use their mobile devices while shopping in stores, according to a new report, “Reality of Retail. What’s more, 25% of store shoppers who use their mobile devices in stores make a purchase on their mobile devices while in-store. Such purchases include a product that is out of stock, a product in a size currently unavailable in a specific store, or, to any retailers’ chagrin, the same or similar product from a competing retailer with a better price.

So meet the showroom challenge head-on and embrace the mobile experience with Mobile Device Charging Stations. The benefits of using mobile and the ability to keep customers’ mobile devices charged are many:

  • Mobile influences the path to purchase and increased purchased amounts
  • 90% of smartphone shoppers use their phone for pre-shopping activities
  • 84% of smartphone shoppers use their devices while in a store
  • Almost half use mobile 15+ minutes per store visit
  • Shoppers who use mobile buy more
  • 1 in 3 shoppers use their smartphones to find information instead of asking store employees
  • Convenience and savings are leading drivers of mobile use
  • 82% of shoppers use search engines when browsing product info in-store
  • Consumers choose search as their #1 in-store resource to help research products
  • Mobile can be used to get customers to the store and can help keep them there

The benefits of mobile and the ability to keep your customers phone charged improve your chances of generating higher revenue and improving the in-store experience. Think about it – People take their cell phones everywhere. Why not provide the convenience of a KwikBoost mobile device charging station in your store.  Adding a charging station not only relieves the stress of a cell phone battery running low it draws in more customers into your business and keeps them there longer. This gives you valuable time to interact with potential customers, to increase the average order amount, while at the same time improving customer service. This extra service gives customers a positive impression from the moment they walk through the door and leave your place of business.

Mobile Devices In Retail

Mobile Influences Purchasing

Mobile Devices in Retail

Mobile Devices in Retail

Mobile Devices Increases Sales

Shoppers Use Mobile Devices While Shopping

Mobile Device Benefits

Shoppers use Mobile Devices While Shopping

Mobile Devices and Retail Research

Mobile Devices for in-store research

Mobile Device Implications for Business

Mobile Device Charging Stations - Mobile Attracts Customers

Mobile Devices Can Improve the Customer Experience

Mobile Device Charging Stations

Source: Google Shopper Marketing Council

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