Ashley Kemper , May 16, 2019

Planning trade shows, conferences, panels, salons, public festivals, and everything in between takes tremendous planning and resources. You have to think about attracting PR coverage, securing influencers, creating compelling agendas and speaker line-ups, and turning booth traffic into leads and sales.  

There’s a lot of competition in the event industry. And, there are hundreds of events professionals must sift through each year to determine which is best for them. But this isn’t new. As a seasoned event planner, you know the big details and components that go into planning a great trade show, conference, or other event.   

But what about the smaller details? These are the details that are most likely to slip through the cracks but have the biggest potential to leave a lasting impression on attendees. An impression that makes attendees walk away and say, “that was one of the best events I’ve been to!” or “that event was awesome!”  

The Most Common Item Event Attendees Forget  

When traveling, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll forget things. You’re human after all, right? You’ll often find yourself forgetting socks, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and most importantly, your cell phone charger. It’s something that we often forget about, but something we can’t live without. 

As one of the most forgotten items, professionals traveling to conferences may find themselves without their phone charger. They rely on their mobile devices to check their emails, live tweet conference information, and text or call coworkers. How can they do this at the convention center if they forgot their phone charger and their cell phones are dying? 

Good news. There’s a simple solution to this common problem. And, it’s a solution that will make your event stand out to attendees or will make your booth one of the most popular and most visited. Incorporating charging stations at your trade show, conference, or event or in your individual booth is an easy way to keep attendees at the event and in your booth longer. 

Integrate Charging Stations in Trade Shows, Conferences, or Events 

We live in an age where people constantly feel the need to be plugged into the digital realm—and to recharge whenever necessary. So, it’s no surprise that charging stations are gaining popularity as an essential event tech accessory. 

Many events encourage attendees to use their mobile devices to tweet about the event, update Facebook, engage in polls, and more. Giving attendees a place to recharge their mobile devices keeps attendees engaged throughout the entire event.  

In addition to higher attendee engagement, charging stations strategically placed throughout the entire event floor and break out areas provides an additional amenity that your attendees will remember. This small detail has enough power to make your attendees walk away saying, “that was one of the best events I’ve been to!” or “that event was awesome!”.  

And as a bonus, your event will benefit from additional online traffic and brand awareness from attendees posting to social media and using the event hashtag.  

Add a Charging Station to Your Booth 

The most important aspect of attracting visitors to your booth is having a visually appealing booth. To make it more appealing, you probably add popup displays and banner stands to enforce brand messaging. Once visitors are in your booth, you might have a product demo, a video, or other multimedia content to engage visitors. While these are good tactics to drive booth traffic, charging stations help stand you out from the crowd and attract even more visitors.   

Charging stations not only drive more traffic to your booth, but they also give visitors an incentive to stay at your booth longer. This gives you the opportunity to capture a larger number of leads. And, leads equal sales conversions.  

Keep Attendees at Your Booth Longer 

Sometimes it can be difficult to get people to stay at your booth for more than just a few minutes. A phone charging station can change that time duration and help keep visitors at your booth for over 10 minutes. This gives you a larger time window to talk with attendees about their businesses and how your products and services might help meet their goals. 

Build Your Brand Awareness  

It’s no surprise that having your own booth at a conference builds your brand awareness. But there are additional ways to elevate your brand even more – one of those ways is adding a cell phone charging station to your booth. Choosing a charging station that includes custom branding allows you to promote your brand by adding your own logo and other brand assets directly to the graphics billboard and pole.  

Even more, if you’re running specific promotions or contests, you can incorporate that in your custom branding. Putting a QR code on the charging station so attendees can easily enter to win your contest or secure a promotion eliminates the hassle of attendees filling out a sign-up form. Custom cell phone charging stations gives you the flexibility to design your station in a way that best expresses your brand and drives the most conversions. 

Start Nontraditional Conversations  

Conferences can sometimes be overwhelming for attendees, especially when they’re on a large expo floor. They’re hearing sales pitch after sales pitch which, quite honestly, can get a little bland. Having a cell phone charging station at your booth is a nontraditional, innovative way to help start a conversation that isn’t all about your business. From there, you can naturally ease into further conversations about the attendee’s business and goals, as well as your products and services. 

Keep Attendees at the Trade Show, Conference, or Event Longer 

Ever heard of low battery anxiety? It’s a real thing that makes people leave where they’re at or stop what they’re doing to find a charger and outlet to recharge their cell phone. It’s likely the same scenario happens at your event. 

You want attendees to stay at your conference or event as long as possible. Whether you’re the event planner needing to secure sponsorships for the next year or aexhibiting business who needs to generate more leads, keeping attendees at the event is critical. Providing event-wide or in-booth cell phone charging stations eliminates the low battery anxiety that makes people leave events early.  

A cell phone charging station engages attendees, increases brand awareness and foot traffic to booths, and keeps attendees at conferences and events longer. BONUS – you can bring it back to your office. And if we had to choose where to put it, we’d put it in the reception area or the conference room. It’s not a bad way to impress existing and future clients. 

Giving attendees a place to recharge their cell phones with a trade show charging station keeps them at your event longer and coming back year after year. Let our charging experts help you develop a charging strategy designed specifically for your trade show, conference, or event.  Get in touch with us today! 

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