Portable Power Wallets


Portable Power Wallets


Our power wallets provide convenient and portable power for your guests. Set of 8 portable chargers with home charging base included. Each charger has 1 Type C, 1 lightning, 1 micro charging connector and 1 USB port. The portable solution works well in environments where you want to allow people to roam while charging, including sporting venues, restaurants, libraries, hospitals, universities and more.

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  • Set of 8 individual chargers with home charging station
  • Custom branding included
  • 3 charging connectors per portable charger (1 Type C, 1 lightning, 1 micro)
  • 1 USB port on each portable charger
  • Replacement chargers available
  • 1 year warranty
  • 5V, 2.4A per connector
  • 1 Type C, 1 lightning, 1 micro cable on each charger
  • Total unit dimensions: 9″” x 5″” x 6.5″”
  • 8 custom branded portable chargers
  • 1 home charging base
  • Power supply

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At KwikBoost, clients are first in everything we do - including our warranty and service. KwikBoost has a dedicated customer service team to ensure your charging stations are always performing. We can be contacted via online chat, phone or email.

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