Thomas Williams , May 22, 2019

The retail world is always changing as advancements in technology evolve, and keeping pace is extremely challenging. Customers have certain expectations when it comes to having a positive shopping experience, and technology plays a huge role in the delight factor.  

In order to achieve your growth goals, you need to accomplish a number of steps that include lowering your carrying cost, increasing cross merchandising, improving cost of goods sold (COGS) and gross margin, maximizing your average sale price, and a number of other retail goals the best anchor stores use to stay on top and ensure annual profit increases.  

There are many steps to running a profitable retail shop, and the shopper experience always plays heavily into a regional manager’s ability to create and maintain the anchor store’s profitability. And with an amazing shopper experience, technology is key.  

Smart charging lockers for retail stores can help you hit your growth goals, all while providing a winning shopper experience and impacting sales through advertising technology. Here’s what you need to know… 

Shoppers Use Mobile Devices In-Store to Make Buying Decisions  

From comparing products to looking at product reviews to price matching, shoppers use their mobile devices in-store for a variety of reasons. While shopping, 77% of consumers will gladly use their mobile device for the information they need. And, only 35% of consumers are willing to seek out a sales assistant in the store when they have product questions.  

What does this mean for retailers? This means that shoppers are relying on their mobile devices to get the product information they need – without ever speaking to a sales associate. Your sales associates are trained to increase shopper dwell time, basket size, and in-store spending. With mobile technology, consumers can create their own unique shopping experience, so retailers must find new ways to empower shoppers to increase their own dwell time, basket size, and in-store spending. 

Even more, nearly 50% of shoppers use their mobile device for 15+ minutes per store visit. And, frequent mobile shoppers spend 25% more in-store than people who only occasionally use a mobile phone to help with shopping. So, how do you enable shoppers to increase their own dwell times, basket size, and in-store spending? Giving shoppers access to the technology they need to keep their mobile devices charged is one way retailers are achieving this. 

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How Shoppers Use Their Mobile Devices In-Store Infographic

We Live and Die by Our Mobile Devices, Attract New Shoppers with a Solution to a Common Need 

We live in an age where it’s no longer a luxury to be connected to a mobile device 24/7 – it’s an expectation. Just observe someone the next time you’re out. They can be having dinner at a restaurant and one or both people are on their phones. People even engage on their phones during movies at the cinema or to kill time while waiting in line at a store. Mobile devices are consistently used for entertainment, work, or for a distraction. We live and die by our phones, and when the battery starts to run low, panic can set in.  

The reliance on mobile devices gives retail stores an opportunity to increase foot traffic and product engagement by providing shoppers with a solution to a common pain point that will improve their overall experience. As a retailer, smart charging lockers enable you to attract people to your store (who may not otherwise enter) and discover your brand and products. It also keeps your shoppers coming back and increases brand loyalty. With a featured smart charging locker that can quickly charge any Apple or Android device, you’ll increase shopper dwell time, basket size, and in-store spending. And as nobody will stray too far from their device as it charges, they’ll have time to browse your shelves, explore your products, and engage with any marketing activities that generate from the charging station.  

A Smart Charging Locker is a Marketing Tool 

Technology has made leaps and bounds in the world of commercial cell phone charging stations. In fact, some can even function as a direct marketing tool. Smart charging lockers for retail stores come with sophisticated built-in brand engagement technology. With the interactive touchscreen marketing display, retailers can influence in-store shoppers with compelling video and branded in-store advertisements. 

Perhaps one of the most intriguing features of the smart charging locker to every retail marketing guru out there is its ability to fuel your post-purchase omnichannel marketing initiatives. 

For example, when a customer needs to charge their phone with a smart locker, they could be promoted to engage with an onscreen survey the retailer put in place to help develop buyer personas of brick and mortar for digital campaigns. Alternatively, the retailer could have the shopper opt-in to SMS product promotions by providing their phone number. 

Here are the features of today’s most advanced smart charging lockers: 

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Brightbox Smart Charging Locker Features

Smart charging lockers are designed to increase sales, engage shoppers, and collect and measure shopper data. Contact a commercial smart charging locker retailer today, and learn about the latest products and which ones present your store with the best options for improving your bottom line.  

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