Kwikboost , Oct 6, 2016

Students on college campuses using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to study climbed to an unprecedented 81 percent, according to new research. 

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The driving force behind the increase in mobile devices is the growth of smartphone usage for studying, surpassing both tablets and laptops. Thirty-six percent of students reported using smartphones to study in 2013; in 2014, that number climbed to 51 percent. 

One reason for such pervasive smartphone use is the flexibility these devices allow for students in terms of when and where they study. Students no longer have to hunker down at the library but can access their online education portals anywhere via mobile devices. 

According to the reports, these evolving study habits are yielding beneficial results. Seventy-seven percent of students surveyed said using technology has improved their grades, and 48 percent said using mobile devices while studying saves them time. However, despite their claims that mobile devices are making them more efficient in their work, students are spending more time studying than they have in previous studies. 

Digital devices are not only influencing study habits, but are also shaping teaching practices. Eighty percent of the study respondents felt that their instructors demonstrated proficient or excellent integration of technology into their courses. The study noted that this year’s study showed more e-books being used for classes and more students using their devices for online quizzes and assignments.

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