James Valera , Oct 24, 2019

Providing the ultimate fan experience is the goal for any stadium leadership team. When guests are comfortable, feel safe, are entertained, and have a variety of conveniences, ticket sales will roll in, people will spend more money on concessions, and they will likely come back and become loyal attendees.  

Providing a space that meets the needs of today’s mobile-first culture is crucial to your growth, and investing in branded cell phone charging stations for sports stadiums is a low-cost investment for setting stadiums up for succeeding at hitting every growth goal.  

This article is intended to help executive leadership teams for pro sports and college stadiums learn why adding cell phone charging stations to sports stadiums helps boost revenue. 

Increase Advertising Revenue With Branded Cell Phone Charging Stations in Your Suites and Sky Boxes 

Booking suites and sky boxes is a top priority for stadiums because they stand to make a high ROI. Whether wealthy individuals rent them out for a small intimate party, or corporations rent them out for company parties, stadiums make thousands in returns. But in order to attract guests and provide a premium experience to justify the premium charge, everything from the modern decor to the fresh lobster and filet mignon, to private cabanas and the top shelf liquor, needs to be provided. But no matter how luxurious and extravagant the surroundings are, if people don’t have a way to keep their mobile devices charged, all of that luxury can be irrelevant. 

Stadium-goers are eager to share pictures and videos of the winning touchdown, the no-hitter, and the penalty shootout. Keeping fans’ devices charged and connected not only lets them share their favorite moments but it also improves the fan experience.  

For their suites, savvy stadium directors invest in branded cell phone charging stations that can charge multiple cell phones at once to keep guests happy with fully charged phones. Even more, in-suite cell phone charging stations provide a unique addition to marketing sponsorship packages. By adding charging stations to your stadium’s list of sponsorship options, you turn your charging stations into in-suite advertising revenue… and your partners get to showcase their brand on one of the most utilized features of the suite.   

Branded Cell Phone Charging Stations Increase Food Sales 

Think about the typical fan’s behavior at a sports event: they’re taking tons of photos, posting to social media, and using apps to follow their team’s media. When phone batteries dwindle down, people are less inclined to share their experience onlineAnd, the less people share online about the game their attending, the less social media recognition and awareness that sports team get.  

During halftime and in between innings, fans flood concourses to grab a bite to eat and a cold drink from concession stands, browse the pro shop, and more. By placing branded cell phone charging stations in stadiums where people can plug in and get a clear view of the field, and in areas near concessions, fans can enjoy their food and charge their phones while still catching all the action they would see from their seats.   

Look for a Trusted Company that Makes Branded Cell Phone Charging Stations for Pro Sports and College Stadiums 

Make sure the company you consider purchasing from has a history of building branded cell phone charging stations for pro sports and college stadiums. It’s important that the cell phone charging station company has experience working with stadium environments like yours. 

KwikBoost has engineered multi-device charging stations for AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys), as well as for the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals, MLB’s New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians, NBA’s Sacramento Kings, NASCAR’s Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedwayand branded cell phone charging stations for the Super BowlKwikBoost has also designed cell phone charging stations for college stadiums including Texas Tech University, The Ohio State University, The University of Tennessee, Kansas State University, and more.  

Give us a call today at 866-325-7137 and learn how we can take your fan experience to the next level! 

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